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metta yoga -- a trusted community of loving kindness
feel free to lighten your schedule for a few weeks (STARTING THIS SUNDAY!) and cleanse with Lorilee in a supportive community setting. These three Ayurvedic workshops will be held three Sundays in a row. This is not a fast, you get to eat :) This is a powerful 21 days of not only cleansing the tissues of the body, but also cleansing your mental and emotional bodies as well. 
Register for this WORKSHOP series here.
$68 Metta Unlimited Member | $84 Walk-in 

feel free to join the flow of yoga and flow of wine with Kat and Kurt on October 9th at 6pm. Slow-vino-flow is an all-levels class, featuring live guitar music by Kurt Kleinhans. Stay after  the class and get to know all the beautiful and inspiring people in the Metta community and the charities they are passionately supporting. This event os FREE, but we will be collecting voluntary donations for National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. bring your spouse or friend, a bottle of wine and start your weekend filled with ambiance, bliss and a good cause. RSVP required - space is limited.

feel free to introduce your friend or family member to the healing powers of yoga: our YOGA INTRO starts on Oct 24th. Three Saturday series from 2:30-3:30pm on 10/24, 10/31 and 11/7 at our Arcadia location.
Register for this WORKSHOP series here for $49 ($35 early bird 10/17/15).


feel free to use this ancient practice to develop self mastery with Yun Hui. Kundalini Yoga is a very complete science that deals with the triad of mind-body-spirit, the subtle energies of body, and the chakras. It combines mental focus, breathing techniques, sound vibrations, body postures, hand positions, relaxation, and meditation to provide a more healthy and happy way of life for each of us. Experience your highest consciousness!
Register for Arcadia here.

feel free to enjoy yoga practice, even when being on a budget. These classes were carefully selected and designed to engage all levels of yoga practitioners:
Thursdays 4:30pm Yin & Yang with Brynne (previously Donna Helm-Yost)
Fridays 10:30am Slow Flow with Kurt.
Bring your $5 donation in cash, please!
Register for Arcadia here.

feel free to  get strong from the inside out... experience Hara, clear obstructions, and release your hips. Kat Myers is back on Metta Yoga schedule with her weekly Qi-Yoga and BodyRolling class: Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:15pm at the Arcadia. 
Register for Arcadia HERE.

feel free to get excited about the results of our Phoenician Rising XI. Nearly 200 participating yogis an yoginis came and joined in practice and giving. Our semi-annual fundraiser was benefiting Lucky Paws and we raised thousands of dollars.
See more pictures in our FB album.

"So much better than beer and a bucket of wings". Read more in a Fit(TBD) article by Allison Young about our new popular class Happy Hour Power with Sarah Jones.          feel free to release the week's energy with a different kind of happy hour to kick off the weekend. Be prepared to move and sweat to one of Sarah's fun playlist.
Register for Arcadia HERE.

feel free to make yoga your therapy. Arizona Foothills magazine named Metta Yoga in the top 6 yoga studios in Phoenix, with special honors for our Restorative Yoga & Yoga Therapy programs, including Zuzana's, Kat's and Lorilee's classes. Click HERE to read more. Zuzana's Yoga Therapy class is now offered twice a week on Mondays 12:30pm, Thursdays 12:30pm in Arcadia. Students will be guided through a set of postures and informed about specific health benefits or each pose. Detailed instruction is given for posture modification, reflecting a student's limitation and contraindications. This allows them to tailor the practice based on their current physical/health condition. Some postures are held for longer periods of time to achieve the therapeutic benefit, and to allow time to adjust not only the posture alignment, but also the proper breathing technique and state of mind, which can vary based on the posture. 
Register for Arcadia HERE.

feel free to be surprised how moving slowly with awareness can be quite provocative, as it can be soothing and relaxing. Move with Nan slowly though this vinyasa based class, focused on beauty of basic postures and sun salutations.
 Register for Arcadia HERE.

feel free to join Mark for his new Monday class. Mark fell in love with yoga ten years ago when he was a skydiving instructor. Looking for a way to heal his body from the physical stress of the job, he also found the physical benefits of yoga were just the beginning. Mark enjoys practicing and teaching all types of yoga and believes it is important to accept and approach yoga as a spiritual practice, accepting yourself as you are and enjoying every step of the yoga journey. Register for Arcadia HERE.

feel free to explore alignment, pranayama, focus, intention and kirtan (chanting). This vinyasa class is for intermediate and advanced students and teachers. The "follow the yogini" format is fun and exciting with an emphasis on a creative and challenging flow sequences. Come to try something NEW and FUN! 
Register for Arcadia HERE.

feel free to come to meet Carrie on Mondays 6pm Exhale! (restorative & yin yoga)at the Phoenician studio. Carrie first discovered the blessing of yoga in 1998, shortly after her second child was born. Yoga became a reflection of her years as a dancer, where she could be completely present in the moment. She was drawn to the trilogy of well-being that yoga brought into her life between body, mind, and spirit, at a time when there was much chaos. Understanding the deep healing power on a physical as well as mental level, Carrie began her search for a training facility that would nurture the learning process and fully prepare her to lead intelligent, safe and well thought through classes. She encourages her students to practice yoga not just on their mats, but as they walk through life with an open heart and an open mind.
Register for the Phoenician HERE

feel free to demystify Ashtanga - a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga.
Metta Yoga now offers the opportunity to learn about these ancient yoga sequences four times a week - two morning and two evening options:
9am Wednesdays (Emily) & Fridays (Lorilee)
6pm Mondays (Emily) & Wednesdays (Lara).
To celebrate this ancient yoga practice, and encourage you to learn more about it, we are offering now a special pricing package: 
10-class prepaid card for the above mentioned ASHTANGA classes ONLY -- $79
 Is this an on-going deal? No, it is a one time special offer to help introduce you to this ancient and special type of yoga.
Can I purchase multiple packages? Yes, but the expiration is the same - 6 months from the date of purchase. Do your math, check your calendar, and take advantage of this great deal! See you on the mat :)

feel free to take your flow practice outdoors: enjoy our beautiful Arizona fall mornings with Nancy - 9:30am Sundays at the Phoenician. Meet and check-in at the spa lobby.

feel free to hurry to get some Aqua classes in - offered through October only. You can literary dive (although your head will be above the water the entire time) into this unique all-levels class. Our popular Aqua Yoga have moved the start times later: Mondays 11am w/Zuzana and Saturdays 11am w/Rhonda (45 mins). Explore how postures that you know so well can feel different when supported and challenged by the element of water. This special water yoga sequence is great for people with limitations as well as for athletic people who want to get deeper into their posture. Please come to the spa lobby, where  we will pick you up and guide you to the designated pool. 
Register for the Phoenician HERE

feel free
 to shop local and support Arcadia and your Metta Community. 
"Did you know that on average, 48 percent of each purchase at local independent businesses is recirculated locally, compared to less than 14 percent of purchases made at chain stores? Keeping purchases close to home helps communities in countless ways, and consumers need to recognize this as they make their purchase decision." You can read more about these interesting statistics of holiday shopping in the Forbes article "Why shopping Independent stores should be on your to-do-list". Metta Yoga Boutique Buyer, Alicia Zell, has searched out top quality, unique resources and merchandise to support your healthy wellness lifestyle. Now you can shop not only for yoga props and apparel, but also for aroma therapy products, jewelry, candles, soaps - many from local businesses and artisans. Make sure to use your 20% Metta Yoga Unlimited Membership Discount (maybe another reason to join ;)) 

feel free
to melt though one of the deepest meditations, sometimes called Yogic Sleep. You will leave calm, rested & rejuvenated. 

feel free
to be surpised how moving slowly with awarenss can be quite provocative, as it can be soothing and relaxing. Move with Kim and Carrie slowly through this vinyasa based classes, focused on beauty of basic postures and sun salutations.
Register for Arcadia here.

feel free to explore an integrative approach to yoga, serving to unify techniques and teachings. Alexandra's Integrative Yoga class is inspired by an Iyengar therapeutic approach to the practice of yoga, and includes: yogasana, restorative poses, pranayama, and an introduction to the workings of the mind. Register for Arcadia HERE.  

feel free to move in balance and flow with elements of yin and yang. We are bringing this brand new class with Brynne on Thursdays 4:30pm. Natanya's 4pm Saturdays is now offered in a shorter 60 min format - to even fit in your busy weekend schedule.
Register for Arcadia HERE.

feel free to start your Wednesday with Sherie. Open your body and create space within in -- with her gentle yet edgy and challenging style. Come practice in a slow strong sensual way. You will be reminded of your very powerful breath and how to use it in deepening alignment for your yoga practice. 

feel free to enjoy live guitar music during your Slow Flow class with Kurt. His background in music is a rich source of inspiration for his yoga teachings for the past 10 years. He finds the interplay between musical chords, imagery, breath and physical experience particularly powerful in deepening the mind/body connection. His classes integrate live guitar music to the practice of yoga, forming an innovative union of meditation, yoga postures, and breathing that brings inner peace and outer strength. 
Register for Arcadia HERE.

feel free to watch the clouds in the sky as you immerse yourself in our noon meditation classes at the beautiful meditation atrium (with a glass ceiling). Classes are offered Monday through Thursday in the atrium located behind the front desk of the Centre for Well-Being (the Phoenician's spa). Please make sure to RSVP as space is limited. Regular pricing applies (join as drop-in, use your punch card or come as Metta Member for FREE).  

feel free  to begin a new month from a place of clarity. Join Natanya to balance and ground your physical and energetic bodies through Crystal Energy Yoga - monthly class on the first Friday of each month at 6pm Arcadia. Clarify and strengthen your resolutions through the wisdom and energetic messages of crystals and sacred stones.
Register for Arcadia HERE.

feel free to come to check out our new lovely home. We are just across the street from our old location: Gaslight Square 3627 E Indian School rd. #108, located in the inner courtyard, facing the fountains and blooming bushes. The move has been so smooth and the space is so perfectly designed for us - it feels like we have been here for years. Raised ceilings and bamboo floors are loved by everybody! You can watch the last 2 months of the space transformation in our FB album.


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