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Class Experiences

Yoga Walk (All Levels) -- Drink in the fresh air and enjoy an experience that will feed you for the rest of the day. No mat is necessary, but please plan on comfortable walking shoes.  Class is designed as power walk through the beautiful Phoenician grounds, with stops at the most scenic places for your yoga pratice: get ready for ion-filled breathing exercises next to the waterfall, using the bridge railing, brick walls and gazebo posts as your yoga props, and finishing with a steady gaze meditation by the lake or a walking meditation in the cactus garden. Get inspired by nature - yoga can't get any better than this! 

Morning Blend
(All Levels) -- Dive into the healing powers of yoga and release tension in your hips and shoulders with this warm inviting flow and restorative class for all levels. When you have completed this experience, the rest of the week will be waiting for you to enjoy to the fullest. 

Master Flow
(Level 3) -- 
This vinyasa class is for intermediate and advanced students and teachers. This "follow the yogini" format is fun and exciting, emphasizing a creative and challenging flow sequences. We will explore alignment, pranayama, focus, intention and kirtan (chanting). Come try something NEW and FUN!!!! This class is not heated, but it is performed in warmer environment than other classes. 

Body Therapy (Level 1/2) -- This class is appropriate for those wanting a quiet, meditative and healing practice. A gentle & healthful blend of body rolling, qigong and sacred sound.

Slow Flow (Levels 1/2) -- 
Try to go slow through this traditional vinyasa flow class, focused just on beauty of basic postures and sun salutations. You will be surprised  how moving slowly with awareness can be quite provocative, it can also be soothing and relaxing. 

Dynamic Flow (Level 2/3) -- Enjoy masterful choreography of this class layering dynamic vinyasa flow sequences with soft landing in long deep stretches by the end. The class flows with elements of yin and yang helping students to develop strength and flexibility. As each of us in the universe is similar we also have so many differences and nuances, just the same Dynamic Flow builds upon familiar postures but is always different and ever-changing. This class is not heated, but it is performed in warmer environment than other classes. 

Outdoor yoga (All Levels) -- Feel free to take your mat out in the fresh air! This all levels vinyasa flow class is held outdoors at the beautiful Phoenician Resort grounds. Sometimes we get lucky with duck visitors and rabbits on the soothing background of the close by waterfall. Please note in mind that if it rains or the day is cold, the same format class will simply take place indoors, at the Phoenician's studio).

Hatha Gong (All Levels) --  explore this vibrational experience with Paige in our monthly class. It will be all about using the vibration of the gong to assist with moving energy through the body, bringing awareness to the chakras while engaged in yoga postures.

Lake View Yoga
(All Levels)) -- This yoga experience includes amazing views of the Phoenician grounds from the studio with floor-to-ceiling windows. Come and enjoy this dynamic vinyasa flow class designed to challenge the body and breath with fluidity. Attention to smooth sequencing of postures is emphasized to build from low to higher intensity.

Yoga Walk (Levels 2/3) -- Feel free to combine yoga with an athletic walk through the Phoenician grounds. Walk along refreshing waterfalls, luscious green lawns and even the famous cactus garden. Get your cardio rate up, pausing briefly at the most scenic, secret spots of the Phoenician -  to enjoy a stretch in yoga postures and meditation. 

Qi Yoga and BodyRolling (All Levels) Cultivate a connection with your center and energy movement through the body. The therapeutic effects of body rolling will have you feeling like you just had a massage. Kat Myers is a creator of this unique style and will energize your body and your soul.

Kundalini Meditation
 -- This class starts with Kundalini yoga, another very traditional style of yoga, consisting of yoga postures combined with intense breath work, and chanting. This will embody the fist part of the class, to get your mind and body ready for the second part of the class: the meditation itself. Develop an awareness of the impact of our habits, and thus the clarity of the intuitive mind to act through grace and commitment from the heart. It.  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
is called the “Yoga of Awareness”, bringing you a greater sense of well-being and Happiness - your birthright! Come breathe and experience being you!

Ashtanga Mix (Levels 2/3) -- This 75 minute class is inspired by Ashtanga yoga - consisting of ancient pre-defined sequences of yoga postures. Come to explore 1st, 2nd and 3rd series poses, pranayama and fun! Modifications are offered for difficult poses. One of the most effective classes to advance your asana practice.

Wake Up! (Levels 1/2) -- Jump start your day and invest in your well-being with a blend of yogic inspiration, breath work, meditation, and movement. Learn how to handle the challenges of your day with yogic techniques you can take beyond your practice on the mat. 


Aqua Yoga (All Levels) -- literally dive into this unique all levels yoga class. Explore how postures that you know so well can feel different when flowing with (and supported by) the element of water. Gila and Annemarie have developed this special water yoga sequence, and will be alternating teaching it at the Phoenician. This class is great for people with limitations or those who want to go deeper.

Yoga Fundamentals 
(Level 1) -- If you are new to yoga or need a brush-up on the basics - this class will be perfect for you. It is a great way to learn the fundamentals of this sacred practice, focusing on posture alignment, breath awareness and 8 limb path.

Community Yoga (offered in two different formats Lunch Yoga and Yin&Yang format twice a week) -- This class was created to encourage those new to yoga or on a budget to enjoy the benefits of the practice at a discounted rate.  

Candle Glow & Flow (Levels 2/3) -- Enjoy this candle light all levels vinyasa flow class, designed to challenge the body and breath with fluidity. Attention to smooth sequencing of postures is emphasized to build from low to higher intensity.

Exhale! -- This mellow class is blend of restorative yoga and Yin yoga, where all the postures are performed on the floor using wide variety of yoga props, allowing you to stay in the postures for longer periods of time. This meditative practice with deeply held poses will release tension and stiffness in your back, hips, shoulders and legs. Alignment and the healing/therapeutic approach is a key element of this class, accompanied by thoughtfully chosen themes, music and readings. 

Energy Flow (Levels 2/3) -- All levels vinyasa flow class designed to challenge the body and breath with fluidity. Attention to smooth sequencing of postures is emphasized to build from low to higher intensity.

Yoga Nidra (Guided Relaxation) -- Join this mediative class first and third Friday of each month. Settled into comfortable restorative position, you will be guided into one of the deepest meditations, leading awareness through many levels of mental process to a state of complete stillness and insight. You will be leaving calm,rested and rejuvenated. Yoga Nidra is sometimes called a yogic sleep in a state of conscious mind.

Lunch Flow (All Levels) -- Come to create a negative calories when you get your lunch at Metta. This delicious and dynamic vinyasa flow class is only 60 minute long, so you can conveniently squeeze it into your lunch break. Note this is food for the soul only :)

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