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Yogis & Yoginis

Zuzana Kolinkova
Metta Yoga Owner

Zuzana is a living proof how yoga can change your life. 10 years ago she was selling military aircraft in Eastern Europe and now she owns and manages Metta Yoga studios in Phoenix and Scottsdale. She lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and now settled with her husband and dogs in Phoenix Arizona.

She was originally introduced to yoga by her grandmother in Moravia - a wine region of Czech Republic, where she was born. Later when living in Mongolia she moved to gymnastics. But in her teens found herself in severe lower back and knee pain, after years of intense training. She returned back to yoga to rehabilitate and heal...and stayed with it. Today she is completely pain free and maintains the same strength and flexibility as in her gymnast years. She is proud to be instructing so many students, both face to face and through her video program The Art of Flow Yoga - which reached #1 Flow DVD on Amazon (based on customers reviews). Zuzana is also a principal partner in European Spa & Yoga, an online retailer of eco-luxurious spa and yoga products. More info:

Daniel Medina

Daniel was first introduced to Yoga  in Austin, Texas. While selling Real Estate, Yoga provided a safe place for him to de-stress and ground.  About 5 years into his practice he had a vision of a full classroom of people and knew he would be teaching one day.  While traveling in Thailand he mentored under a teacher from Australia and was excited to return to the states to begin certification. 

He continues to be a student of the work and most recently he has been studying energy healing and quantum physics and been amazed at the inter-connectedness of all of it.  You will find his teaching style clear, concise, full of energy and power. Yoga has been for him more than just a stretching practice... it has been a  sanctuary where he can connect with source and allow his highest truth and begins to shine forth and healing to happen!”

Amy  Shapiro

Amy Shapiro is an intuitive, spiritual and creative teacher. Each class is unique and inspired by her students. Her experience as a fitness and wellness professional for the past 25 years has given her the insight and confidence to push her students to challenge themselves no matter what there experience or level of fitness. 
Amy's personal yoga practice continually teaches her that it's about the journey not the destination. 

Gila Shire

With a 14-year background in nursing, Gila always loved to work with people. Alignment and the healing/therapeutic approach became a key element of her classes, accompanied by thoughtfully chosen themes, music and readings.
 "I love to guide people to combine the beauty they bring to their mats with the wisdom, knowledge and inspiration of yoga."  

Gila's classes are designed for all levels to meet the individual needs of the student, providing space for growth, soulful exploration, holistic networking and community.

Tommy Zitzka

Tommy is a former college athlete & Medic in the USAF. Professionally Tommy is an Orthopedic Surgical Sales Rep, a Yoga Therapist, & most importantly a proud father to his son Tyler. 
Tommy welcomes all levels of practitioners to experience a challenging & fun practice. He invites all of those with curiosity of what life could be like when one is open to immersing themselves into a happy, peaceful, & balanced lifestyle. There are very few absolutes in yoga, but one that Tommy feels strongly about is that anyone can practice yoga. Regardless of age or experience level. If you can breathe, you can practice yoga! He is also very passionate that a combination of practicing asana, along with the 8 fold path of yoga it's possible for anyone to experience a transformation, both on & off the mat.

Karin McAreavy

Karin has taught movement and fitness for over 30 years. She continues to design yoga classes that match our evolving lifestyles with the flow of the seasons. The saying, “to teach what you want to learn”, inspires her to continue her studies in anatomy, ayurveda, aromatherapy and many aspects of well-being and prosperous health. 

To benefit and enhance the energy of our homes in relation to our inner body space, her business, Haven and Earth was created  

Nancy Ferraro

Nancy was introduced to yoga as cross training for running. Smitten from the first class, her passion for yoga grew until it was a natural progression for her to teach.

Her eldest student being 80 years old and her youngest 9, Nancy truly believes that yoga can benefit everyone by opening the body to heal itself. Her passion is to lead her students to discover their authentic self and reach their full potential on their life journey. It is truly her honor and energizing force in her life to bring yoga to her community.

Paige Rogers

Paige is Master's level social worker who is passionate about her work in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation.  She believes that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand.  Paige has been practicing yoga for over eight years.  She was amazed at the powerful and positive changes yoga brought to her life and was inspired to share the joy and wonder of yoga with others.  Paige's classes create a safe and accepting environment for students of any level to explore their capabilities and try new things while challenging the student to reach their personal edge.  Mindfulness and acceptance are the cornerstones of Paige's practice and it is with great joy she shares this with others.

Kat Myers

Kat Myers is a dedicated, devoted and ever-evolving student of Yoga. She has been teaching since 1989 and training teachers since 1996. Kat uniquely blends anatomy, alignment and rhythm into a contemplative and radically dynamic approach to the practice. She is grateful to all of her teachers, students 
and to her guru Sri Gary Olsen.

Lisa Cohen

Lisa is a healing dancer. Her classes are appropriate for all students willing to try something new and step out of what they might think is possible, ordinary or routine. with guidance and love she challenges each student while nourishing the body with breath and awareness and clarity of alignment.

Mimi Solaire

Mimi loves to move! Her classes are informed by her 25 years of dance and performance experience. She studied dance & ballet and has performed with Opendance since 1994. Due to injuries from a car accident she lived with neck and back pain for 10 years. Using yoga techniques she is now pain free and is committed to helping others heal themselves. Mimi focuses on yoga anatomy, deep stretching and pain/stress reduction. Mimi published 3 Instructional Yoga DVDs - more info visit

Annemarie Miskovic

Annemarie compliments her yoga practice, with her teaching background - that includes over 15 years of experience coaching swimming and a degree in Kinesiology.  The love for working with people, and the natural draw to movement have always been part of her journey. In her classes, Annemarie offers a sense of calm and blends it with her background in sports, as she invites her students to explore a balance between breath, awareness and effort. With intention to guide her students toward achieving health, happiness and peace, Annemarie brings her own joy of yoga and an open heart to every class.

Devsuroop Singh Khalsa 

Devsuroop took his first Yoga class in 1998, and it was Kundalini. Within a month he enrolled in the Teacher Training program to learn all he could about this Sacred Science.

In the years since, he has remained a student while also being a teacher. He brings his strengths in both Breathwork and Meditation to Metta and her students. Devsuroop looks forward to sharing and being of service to all that want a deeper personal experience, to that which breaths in you. Sat Nam :o)

Nan Aton

Nan is always amazed at the extra "space and lightness" that yoga creates in her body & mind, making her feel calmer, stronger, and even taller every time she leaves the mat. Having spent several years working as an RN, Nan has a rich appreciation for good health, taking nothing for granted. She combines this wisdom with gratitude and laughter to create a class that is both challenging and calming. 

Sarah Jones

Sarah began her yoga practice as an outlet for managing the pain of migraine headaches.  Over time, she felt the physical and mental healing benefits of a regular yoga practice, and knowing that she wanted to share this therapeutic aspect of yoga she completed her yoga teaching certification.  

Sarah is currently pursuing her BS in Dietetics at ASU to become a registered dietitian with a focus in holistic nutrition. Her path to studying nutrition began with her own journey of healing with food and she now incorporates her passion and knowledge of nutrition with yoga.  With a deep commitment to her overall health and well being, she believes that yoga helps us to become attuned to what our bodies need and aligns us with an inner wellness to find balance in our lives.

Lara Rosenberg 

Lara has studied and practiced yoga with a wide range of teachers, gurus; exploring different yoga styles throughout the years. That is how she developed her unique energetically based teaching style. She teaches her students based on what they show up with. She has the ability to guide them carefully, one step at the time and often taking them even further, exploring beyond what they think they can do.

Celia Reed
Celia started practicing yoga in 2003 to regain her balance after a serious illness. She had absolutely no idea that she was embarking on a journey that would slowly transform every aspect of her life. Although she had always been active, competing in marathons and centuries, Celia found a connection on the mat that was completely different from any other of her physical endeavors.  Her personal practice  is a balance of ashtanga and yin, but she teaches a variety of styles with compassion and humor, always emphasizing the power of breath. Celia's goal is to help students transform through their practice, to connect with the essence of who they are and realize their full potential. 

Kurt Kleinhans

Kurt is a musician and certified yoga instructor who discovered yoga in  a quest for greater focus and found new way of life. His background in music is a rich source of inspiration for his yoga teachings for the last 8 years. He finds the interplay between musical chords, imagery, breath and physical experience particularly powerful in deepening the mind/body connection. 

His classes integrate live guitar music to the practice of yoga, forming an innovative union of meditation, yoga postures, and breathing that brings inner peace and outer strength.

Lorilee Gillmore

Lorilee Gillmore is passionate about health and healing. She has had a private bodywork practice for over 17 years. Looking for a physical practice that evolved into a spiritual path she started her yogic lifestyle. After completing her Yoga Teacher Training she continued to pursue an education in Ayurveda. 

She now runs Moksha Ayurveda which focuses on the total well being of an individual. Her love and passion of the four paths of yoga penetrate through her class as she stresses not only asana but also includes the other 7 limbs of yoga as well.

Gia Perrone

Gia is from Milwaukee, WI and has lived in 15 countries. She found yoga while under stress in graduate school and has been teaching for over 13 years. Her formal training was in Astanga Yoga with Sri Pattabi Jois in Mysore, India, and did a year training in Madrid, Spain in various styles. 

She has been in the Valley for years and teaches Vinyasa Flow, Power, Restorative and pre and post natal currently. Known for teaching all levels and modifying instruction for all practitioners, her classes are challenging but fun!
Catherine Genzler

Catherine integrates teachings of the classical, ancient yogis with contemporary insight and music to offer students a dynamic and unique experience with each class that she teaches. Cathy is fascinated with the human body; her understanding of anatomy, physiology and biology is derived from her formal, ongoing studies. 

Honoring the earliest interpretations of the science of yoga, Cathy encourages her students to be mindful that the physical practice of yoga (asana) is meant to bring the body to place where the mind will finally become quiet, allowing the essential nature of the person to be revealed.  Cathy’s classes are planned with this in mind, regardless of the level of physical movement.

Jen Wheeler

Formerly diagnosed with depression, Jen has firsthand experience of the power and healing capacity of the mind-body connection and a deep respect for the importance of the expression of breath.  Her classes are a well-rounded blend of traditional yoga as she weaves postures, breathwork, meditation, and a healthy dose of philosophy to help students expand beyond their mats and experience the yoga of everyday life. With a heart full of love and a commitment to spreading peace and happiness, Jen has taught yoga classes throughout the Valley for many years. A former elementary teacher, she has an abundance of patience, a calming presence, and most importantly, a good sense of humor. Jen is registered at the 500-hour level and has worked with a wide variety of students including children, those with serious injuries and disabilities, and those who can't touch their toes or are wound up tightly and find it difficult to relax. 

Colleen Ruff

Colleen has had a life long love of health and fitness. Colleen was drawn to yoga for its acceptance of all ages and abilities.  She continued in her practice when she recognized it as a vehicle for positive change and growth.  

She delights in the opportunity to teach and share with others who want to become healthier and more serene.

Rasoul Sobhani

Rasoul's passion for movement guided him first to martial arts. For over 20 years he stayed a daily practitioner. 14 years ago he added yoga and studied other forms of fluid movements. This powerful blend became a foundation to his unique teaching style - combining yoga, tai chi and chi gung. Rasoul's work has positively impacted all his students, inspiring them to transform their lifestyle towards healthier and more holistic way of living.

Sherie Hayes
coming soon.

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