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WE ARE OPEN. Join us In-Studio, Outdoors and Online!


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It really is all about you. Your pace, your schedule, your goals.

What is private yoga?

Private yoga is the opportunity to explore the different branches and styles of yoga at your own pace and with a focus you choose. Simply put, private yoga classes are truly all about what works best for you. These private sessions are an opportunity for you to work on the poses and stretches that make sense for you, on your schedule and at your own pace. Whether you’re looking to hone your physical practice or take your practice to a deeper level, our instructors can safely guide you in your desired personalized exploration. These sessions are wonderful for beginners, advanced practitioners craving more focused assistance, individuals who find public classes daunting or those working with demanding schedules.


($15 per additional person)

This private 60-minute session allows you to work one-on-one with one of Metta’s experienced instructors to develop an understanding of yoga styles, alignment, breath and more. If you have areas of need or specific interest, the instructor can customize the session to you. These sessions will help ensure you leave with the confidence to practice in open classes in a way that will honor where you are in the practice.


($15 per additional person)


(individuals session only)

Unresolved mental and emotional tensions can keep physical tightness intact, leading to continued misalignments and preventing the body from optimal healing. I AM Yoga Therapy, also referred to as Body Psychology, is designed to address both the visible physical symptoms along with invisible mental and emotional aspects. It is a total body stretch and energy opener which uses wall, prop and assisted poses to help you move into areas of constriction, tightness and pain, that you normally avoid. Benefits may include:

  • Relieve stress on joints 
  • Improve range of motion
  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness
  • Calm the mind and release mental and emotional tensions

To allow the body time to respond, a minimum of three sessions is required. Sessions should be scheduled over 3 weeks, with a maximum of 5 weeks total. Ongoing work will be assigned between each session, to help optimize results.  You determine the focus for the series of sessions and each session will build on the previous, and be designed with the purpose of supporting you.


only available as follow up after 3 pack intro 


solo session only

The practice of yoga can provide mental balance and steadiness by helping you regulate your nervous system. In these one-on-one sessions, your instructor will work with you to identify daily habits and practices that best serve you. It really is about you – there is no cookie-cutter answer for anxiety and depression. The solutions and practices are as unique as the person who has them.

To allow the body time to respond, a minimum of three sessions is required. Sessions should be scheduled over 3 weeks, with a maximum of 5 weeks total. Ongoing work will be assigned between each session, to help optimize results. Using the ancient practices of yoga and the science of Ayurveda, your private instructor will meet you where you are at and offer tools to promote well-being and optimal health.


only available as follow up after 3 pack intro



Options in aerial silks (up to 9 ppl) or on a mat (up to 12 participants)

Sound Therapy is a way to reach into the corners of the mind and body that perhaps cannot be reached by other modalities, such as massage, yoga or traditional therapy. As you lay in Savasana (or any pose of your choice), you will feel the vibrations on gongs, singing bowls, chimes and other vibrational instruments wash through your form. The impact of the vibration will raise your body’s frequency, change your molecular behavior, and help shift lingering tensions. Regularly reported benefits include mind and body relaxation, visions of color, vivid dreams and more. After being immersed in waves of sound, it is expected you will leave with a sense of release, comfort, easing of tension and a calm mind. This is a beautiful 50 minute practice for those dealing with anxiety, depression, stress or difficulty sleeping.



(60 mins) – up to 9 participants

Aerial Flow is a modern style of yoga that incorporates a silk hammock hanging at your waist-height. Whether you are an experienced aerialist, looking to gain strength or perfect a new move or a seasoned yogi, looking to add a new dimension to complement your existing on-the-ground practice, a private session gives you a chance to advance your skills, with targeted, 1:1 attention. Dependent on the participant, this class can be tailored to be a “meditative deep stretch” or “athletic & fun & acrobatic”.



(2 Hours) – Up to 9 people.

Come unleash your inner talent while having a party to remember! Spend 60 minutes in the silk and then stay up to another 60 min for a party in the studio. Where else can you swing, climb, fly, then have cake?! From bachelorette, to birthday party to corporate retreat, a private instructor will teach you and your friends or coworkers how to execute simple but exciting movements in the Aerial Hammock or can lead you all in a peaceful meditation during a relaxing Restorative Yoga. Our trained aerialists are sure to make your special occasion a day to remember and then you can stay after the aerial class, to enjoy your own refreshments.