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WE ARE OPEN. Join us In-Studio, Outdoors and Online!


Our YTT program is offered in a hybrid format, with both in-studio physical practice and online streaming options.


Next session starts August 2022

Amidst the chaos and challenge of the current time, we developed a very flexible and meaningful way to embrace YTT.

We are offering individual training modules which can be combined to achieve personal goals.

To make things easier for you and to ensure you can use this time in the very best way possible, we are offering individual training modules which can be combined to achieve your specific, personal goals…whether it’s taking a deeper dive into restorative or flow, brushing up on best practices for alignment and injury prevention or moving all the way to attain your teaching certificate, we have an option for you.

 Our new YTT program is offered in a hybrid format, with both in-studio and online classes.

No matter where you are physically, mentally or spiritually, there has never been a better time to embrace YTT.

This next class is set to be a very special one…we have heard so many inspiring stories from students who, amidst volatility and uncertainty, have chosen to focus their energy (and in many cases their newfound availability) to bring their yoga practice to a new level — demonstrating once again that from adversity comes strength.

Metta Yoga Teacher Training is designed to guide practitioners towards a deeper understanding of the practice and themselves. We’ll explore the different aspects of the yoga practice and how all of the different pieces come together to help you become your most vibrant self!


“Amazing and immersive experience. My goals in completing training were never to solely teach, but to deepen my understanding of the practice for personal pursuit. This flexible program accomplished that. Highly recommend!”

Kris Young

If you are looking to increase your yoga knowledge and have that desire to teach yoga, I would recommend Metta’s teacher training. There are many benefits that you will experience. First, it is being taught by 3 amazing and highly qualified Yoga Teachers that have different backgrounds that compliment each other. Zuzana, Lorilee, and Jess work very well together to give you the upmost professional and thorough teacher training. You will also benefit by the diversity of the course. Not only are they teaching Flow Yoga, but also Restorative Yoga. This combination creates a much more well rounded training class and yoga instructor. Another benefit is that they are offering it online. As a Yoga Instructor already, I was looking for an enhanced teacher training course, and I found it. I was a Metta Member for years when I lived in AZ. Now thanks to Zoom classes, I am able to participate in the teacher training, and take other classes online. Big Mahalos to Zuzana, Jess, and Lorilee for the great experience.

Sherri Hered

Metta Yoga is an outstanding program for YTT.  I was honored to be in the first-ever YTT class there in 2018, and it has changed my life in significant ways.  First I was able to deepen my understanding of the 8 branches of yoga with three incredible teachers.  They each brought different experiences and perspectives to their students, and they helped us learn how to go deeper on our own. Secondly, I became part of the larger Metta community through my YTT training. I was able to benefit from the support of others as well as to work together on projects for the wider Phoenix community.  In my case, this was supporting UMOM’s Halle Women’s Center. Zuzana Kalinkova has created an incredibly special center for “metta,” which means loving kindness. I would encourage anyone looking for a deeper, more holistic yoga practice to enroll in Metta’s YTT.  You will be inspired! 

Kimberly Marshall

This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. One of the best times spent. The whole training was very detailed and focused on bringing up new, very well-educated yoga instructors. It was an honor to me to be taught by such amazing, experienced master teachers that Metta Yoga has to offer. I could not imagine doing my 200YTT elsewhere. It felt like a family environment to me, yet still challenging and very focused on my own personal development – exactly what I was looking for. The curriculum was built up perfectly and I feel like I received a wide spectrum of knowledge from anatomy, alignment, adjustments, philosophy, Ayurveda, sequencing, pranayama techniques, details of vinyasa flow and restorative yoga, and much much more. I am so thankful to Zuzana, Jessica, and Lorilee for all their knowledge they shared with us and the overall approach they took.


As a yoga practitioner of 20+ years, I was finally ready to get my Yoga Teacher Certification, but I was very choosy about the type of training I wanted. I chose Metta to complete my YTT because I felt welcomed, accepted, and encouraged even in my first few communications with the studio. This was the deciding factor for me because I wanted to feel comfortable in my YTT classes so that I could focus on my studies, ask as many questions as I had, practice comfortably, and ultimately come away with a thorough understanding of my lessons. I loved that my YTT class was small, so I felt like an important contributor and had a lot of hands-on time. Zuzana, Jess, and Lorilee are all incredible teachers, and all have a very deep understanding of different aspects of yoga – from the history and roots of practices, the physical best practices, and understandings of the benefits of different movements, how movements are strung together, ayurvedic and mental health benefits, etc. I cannot recommend this group of grade-A yoga practitioners enough. I was thrilled to learn about a variety of practices, all rooted in centuries-old traditions. I’d recommend Metta over and over again – it’s a true community of wonderful, talented people.

Bridget Miller


  • Asana (active & restorative)
  • Anatomy
  • Energetics
  • Ayurveda
  • Mantra
  • Pranayama
  • Philosophy (stemming from the 8 Limbs)
  • Adjustments
  • Sequencing
  • Special Populations
  • and more!

Asana: Deepen your understanding of active and restorative physical poses to create a well-rounded catalogue for your personal practice and teaching repertoire. You will practice and learn the key poses in each category of asana (standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, and inversions), learn the physical benefits and contra-indications for each pose, break down proper alignment, discover modifications as well as amplifications, and understand both the English and Sanskrit names and meanings.

Pranayama: The practice of managing and controlling our breath, or Prana, which is our source of vital energy or life force. Develop a more intimate relationship to the breath and your being as you explore different pranayama techniques and gain an understanding of their energetic impact. With these understandings you’ll learn to explore how to also guide others in breathwork, on and off the mat.

Anatomy (physical and energetic bodies): The study of the physical body and its individual parts as well as how it functions as a whole, accompanied by the study of the energetic body. When you know your anatomy, you know your body. You will learn to apply the principals of anatomy to your teachings and your personal practice, including an understanding of the anatomical benefits and contraindications for each pose and healthy movement patterns.

Philosophy: Study the ancient wisdom of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita. Develop a deeper understanding for the role of these ancient wisdoms in the development of Yogic Philosophy and learn how to engage with their themes in modern context. Enjoy the benefits of group discussion, experiential exploration, storytelling and mantra.

Teaching Methodologies: More than yoga training, this time will train you to instruct others. Learn how to sequence, structure and effectively lead a yoga class. Develop your own approach to instructing that incorporates your personal experience of the practice. You will expand your understanding of effective demonstrations, descriptive cuing, streamlined sequencing and other expressions of communication with students, taking time to understand the use of these techniques and approaches in different settings and populations. Gain the preparation needed to teach in all of your vibrancy and authenticity.

Ethics: As yoga teachers, we are living examples of the yoga lifestyle to our students. We have a responsibility to the teachers before us, ourselves and our students. As future yoga teachers, we will review proper conduct & ethical guidelines to follow. ​By diving into the ethics of yoga instruction, we will create a bridge into a lifestyle which embodies these values, on and off the mat. You will be guided to take on the accountability for how you show up with your students, peers and most importantly yourself.

Business of Yoga: Learn how to market yourself as a yoga instructor through the use of advertising, social media and personal contact. You will develop skills to retain students and grow classes. We will review the basic business techniques and tips for you to thrive as a yoga teacher!

While we’ll do a great deal of studying together, trainees will also be expected to complete a number of non-contact hours which will include personal practices, quizzes, readings and more including:

  • Karma Yoga Project
  • Sequencing Assignments (4 Individual sequences – 2 active & 2 restoratives)
  • Bhagavad Gita Journal
  • Yoga Sutras Journal (4 – 1 for each pada)
  • Meditation Practice (including journal)
  • Mantra Practice (including journal)
  • Pranayama Practice (including journal)

You’ll also study intimately with teacher trainers completing a number of other explorations…

  • Observations (including journal)
  • Assisting (including journal)
  • Practice Teaching
  • Practicum! (where you show off what you’ve learned, in real-time)​​​- Metta’s master-level teachers Zuzana, Jes and Lorilee will lead your exploration into all the different forms and expressions yoga can manifest. Practitioners will immerse in yogic principles, history, anatomy, mantra, meditation, asana deconstruction, Ayurveda, sequencing, and above all, personal development. Yoga is essentially a practice of self-study, so be prepared to go deep!


Early bird Specials

Register by August 1st: $2,800 ($400 off full price)
Register after August 1st:  $3,000  ($200 off full price)

Regular Price (after March 1st): $3,000

CONTACT US for detailed info about certification, available modules and detailed lecture schedule.


Owner and Founder

For the past 15 years, Zuzana has taught over 10 classes per week. Her approachable nature and expertise resulted in publishing a 5-star rated DVD, TV appearances and hosting an international yoga retreat.

JESSICA TEHAN Teacher Training Director

Yoga created space for stillness and joy during a hectic life in New York City. After a few years of practice, Jes pursued training with Sonic Yoga in 2013 and her passion was lit – she continued to study both privately and in advanced training.

Ayurvedic Expert

Lorilee is the owner and operator of Moksha Ayurveda in Phoenix, Arizona. She graducated from Kerala Ayurvedic Academy as valedictorian and since has been honored to study tantra, Ayurveda, Ashtanga and advanced trainings.